Car detailing is a term used for cleaning, protecting and polishing the various parts of the car including the interiors as well as the exteriors. This term has different meaning in US and UK. But in a broader term, you can say that car detailing is all about using the specialist tools for the car cleaning purposes. The main motive behind car detailing is to improve the overall appearance of the car and ensure that it looks beautiful and attractive. Light scratches and stray marks can easily be eliminated for a perfect finish. Let us know more about car detailing.

Before starting this work, it is necessary to wash the car properly and then use foam for soaking. This will help in softening the dust or the dirt and remove it easily. For soaking the car owners can use a soft brush so that it penetrates deep inside the small car parts as well. Similarly for cleaning the wheels too, these have to be washed properly. You can use the wheel cleaning products to ensure that all dust particles are removed without any problem.

Even the exteriors of the car have to be washed with mitt that removes the dirt from the paintwork. Buckets with grit guards are just apt for complete cleaning and ensures excellent results too. The total time consumed in cleaning the wheels and arches is somewhat around two hours.

Once cleaning is done, now you have to use the clay for which removes the contamination particles from the paintwork. This step should be performed with minute detail or it can spoil the polishing. For polishing, the specialised machine can be employed that removes the marks and scratches. Many coats are required to get that perfect finish of the car. It is a time taking process and requires a lot of patience too.

Now the next step is to protect the coating and seal it. A variety of sealants are available in the market, therefore you can choose the best to detail a car. Even carnauba is a superb choice and ideal too. Other exteriors like glass and windows can be treated further. After the exteriors, it is time to clean the interiors. Vacuuming followed by shampooing is the right way of cleaning the car interiors. Clean the mirror for a crystal clear view. Then rinsing is the last step of car detailing thereby overcoming the minute problems of your car.

So go for car detailing process and restore the new look.