A basic guide to that will make your car look stunning on road

We all love cars. And when we love something, it’s our duty to take care of that thing. Just as we go for a spa session, our vehicles too need a spa session or that we call as a detailing session. Car detailing in Newcastle or in any city is the process through which a vehicle is cleaned, restored and finished to use it again. Also, regular detailing improves the efficiency of cars and makes it more long lasting.

Auto detailing is divided into two categories:

1. Interior detailing- It involves a deep cleaning of the whole interior of your car’s cabins. The upholstery, carpets, leather, other synthetic material are cleaned by using different techniques. Along with Vacuuming and steaming, liquid, foam chemicals, as well as brushes are used to remove stains and other things.
2. Exterior detailing- It involves cleaning and restoration of the car’s inner surface by painting it or providing it a glossy finish, trimming, windows, wheels and other exteriorly visible components of the car. As the technology advances, detailing also is done with the help of technology. A wide array of tools and equipment are available to clean the particular part of the car by using different techniques depending upon the type of product. A wide variety of products are used to break dirt and soil, to remove contaminates, wax, polish, and towels are available.

Process of VIP Car Detailing:

1. Start from the interior. Interior is a good place to start with. Remove all the carpets, seat covers etc ad give your car a good vacuuming. Move the front seat to back and forth to remove all the dirt clogged inside.
2. Use a foam or liquid detergent to remove stains from the mirror and other glass. Wipe them with a towel. Wash the door mats, and apply a dressing so that it does not leave slippery remarks.
3. Repair carpet holes by cutting out the damp area and replacing it with a similar cloth of same material.
4. Use compressed air and detailing brushes to get out accumulated dust from the buttons and crevices on the dash and interior doors.
5. Clean air grills with cotton balls and mist them up with some spray.
6. Clean glass or plastic lenses with a glass or plastic cleaner and do not use wax.
7. Use a Q- tip to scour interior recesses that have collected dirt.
8. Brush the wheel rims clean with a wheel brush and wheel cleaner as dirt is most accumulated here only.
9. Wash the tires with whitewall tire cleaner. For a glossy finish, wipe it off with a cotton cloth for a matte look.
10. Wrap electronic components in plastic under the hood. Spray degreaser on everything, after which spray down with a pressure washer.
11. Dress up non-metal areas under the hood with vinyl/rubber protectant.
12. Wash your car’s exterior with car wash soap, not dish detergent.
13. Clean the outside of windows with glass cleaner.
14. Get the caked-on dirt and mud off the wheel wells with an all-purpose cleaner and high-pressure water spray with Mobile Detailing.

By following the above steps, you can give your car a good and healthy spa treatment at home and make your car look younger, shinier and with longer efficiency. Hence, give your car a detailing spa session once in a month for the smooth working of your car.

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