When detailing a vehicle, it is important to remember to always consider the season that the vehicle will be exposed to in order to ensure maximum protection from the unique problems that can arise in specific seasons.

For summer in Australia one should prepare their vehicles for warm temperatures and the sun’s damaging UV rays. This means your paint should have a fresh coat of wax to prevent the sun from fading your paint, especially red cars, as this colour is the most prone to oxidation.

Having a fresh coat of wax also facilitates easier removal of bugs and tar from the front end of your vehicle. We also like to focus on applying a wax or paint sealant to all exterior windows to make driving in the rain much safer and easier. At highway speeds you shouldn’t have to use windshield wipers because the rain will bead and fly off the windshield in a very dramatic fashion.

When interior detailing, materials should be dressed with a product that includes UV inhibitors to prevent the sun from prematurely fading and cracking the surfaces. As the temperatures increase, your brakes pads will produce more brake dust, which means your wheels should be waxed as well to ensure no brake dust etches into the wheel’s surface.

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