Gone are the days when someone would clean your car and ask, “Do you want it waxed”.

Car care today has taken the jump into the future. Now the experts in car detailing will ask you “have you heard about Ceramic Pro”.

This coating has the ability to make your car shine like new and at the same time protect your car from the elements.With the advances in technology, it is now possible to detail cars at the Nano level. You can you be guaranteed that the color of your car will stay the same. That showroom look is still available to you.

It is truly amazing to see a car after it has been treated with Ceramic Pro. To watch the surface, that now makes any liquid bead up and roll off, and at the same time, catching the dirt and grime really is car care at its best.

You also get UV protection with Ceramic Pro which means that your paint won’t fade or age due to the glass coating.

So now you want to know how hard is it, or will it scratch? Well, the harness of paint is determined by an H number, with the highest number being H9, Ceramic Pro is higher than that.

One of the other advantages is whilst making your car shine like new, it also protects the paint and bodywork from coming into contact with water thereby preventing oxidation and corrosion.

So we hope you will agree that car care and more importantly car detailing have come of age with Ceramic Pro.

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