Steps for Cleaning and Detailing Your Car like a Pro


Do you feel that all the old age cars on the road look old fashioned? But thanks to increasing technologies of Automobile industry, they are making improvement in quality and making cars more reliable and comfortable than they were decade ago. One hundred thousand miles was the watershed number that labeled a car as “old” back in the day. Now, it’s not uncommon for a vehicle to last twice that many miles before something too expensive to fix forces it into the scrap yard.
Following are the tips you need for car detailing

• Think of the surface of your car as you would your face,” says Mike Schultz, head of new products at Turtle Wax. “Yes, it    really needs to be properly taken care of in order to have a healthy glow because surface is very important part.”

• Get into corners. You don’t need special tools to clean out tight interior areas. Wood skewers and cotton swabs are great    for small spots such as vents, seams, buttons, and switches. Old makeup brushes also work well in louvers and vents. If you    are going for Car Detailing in Newcastle, then you can look online and they know how to make your car look like you ever    wanted.

• Deep-clean fabrics. Spray vacuumed carpets (and cloth seats if you have them) lightly with a foaming aerosol cleaner is    exactly the way how VIP car detailing is done in service centers. After it begins to dry, use a vacuum to remove it. For an    even deeper cleaning, rent a carpet extractor from a home center or grocery store.

• Be gentle with plastics. Use an ammonia-free glass cleaner on plastic surfaces. (Ammonia may cause surfaces to bleach.)

• Do a final vacuuming. A second go-over picks up any dirt that was dislodged during the cleaning.

• Don’t wash in direct sunlight. The Car Detailing in Newcastle prevents any possible damage if the paint gets too hot when    you’re washing and waxing. (Cloudy days are fine, too.) Also, start at the top and work your way down using a lamb’s wool    mitt, gentle soap, and water. Lower surfaces are the grimiest, and dirt can end up lodged in your mitt, causing scratches.

• Make rims sparkle (above). Your car’s wheels get covered with brake dust,

• Give it a rest. Exterior cleaners, mobile detailing in Newcastle especially those for wheels and tires, stay wet for a while,    and that can attract dirt when you drive. Wait until everything is dry before getting on the road