Steps to properly maintaining a Car


People show lots of excitement when they buy any car, but only few people consider the maintenance requirements of an automobile. Do you know that a modern car have many parts like 75,000 parts and if in a single part malfunction occurs can make your car to behave strangely. If you maintain your car, this is the only way you can keep your car safe, also drive car for a long time and sell it in a good price if you want to. Car maintenance is very important because of the weather and roads conditions here.

Following are the main steps you need to follow for maintaining a car:

1. Make a simple plan of attack. One way to use this step on your car is to use the acronym T.O.W.B.I.F. It is stands for Tires,      Oil, Windows, Brakes, Interiors, and Fluids. You can also use your owner’s manual to get a schedule for your car.

2. Tires. Make sure your tires are properly inflated according to the manufacturer’s specified pressure. Tire gauge are very      easy to use and you can get them in cheap prices. You require changing the tires when wear indicators start to show      between the treads. You can ask Car Maintenance in Newcastle tire dealers only if you are unsure how to identify tread      wear indicators.

3. Oil is very essential part of the car as blood for human life and without oil your car will not be able to go far. The      entire mechanic from Mobile Detailing in Newcastle demonstrates how to check oil in your car properly and have the oil      changed every 3,000-3,500 miles. It is generally advised to use the same oil for no more than 5,000 miles, it can maximize      the engine efficiency and reliability over the long term.

4. Windows. You need to make sure that all windows, lights and mirrors are clean and not broken. If you find any broken      lights or mirrors so you can replace them as soon as possible. If there is any small windshield crack in your luxury can so      you can get them repaired by a windshield repair center or detailers of VIP Car Detailing in Newcastle to determine      whether the windshield can be repaired or needs to be replaced. Check regularly for cracks and damage.

5. Brakes, battery and belts. The braking system of any modern cars is designed to be replaced after some time to maintain      the maximum braking efficiency. If you are having problem with your car brakes, you need to get it checked immediately.      If brakes fail, it could convert into serious crash.

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