Most of the people take car polishing and waxing to be the same thing, but a very few know it is a misinterpretation and are in fact two completely different things. When you polish your bike, the main aim is to enhance the paintwork by using the abrasives which removes all the defects on the serves or by filling the defects or both in some cases. On the other hand, waxing your car is protecting your cars by using a natural carnauba, which is basically used in a solid paste form. In case of wax, there is no abrasives, because of which, the paintwork will not be enhanced in it. The finished paintwork can get a lot better in case the car is waxed.

There is another thing with which the wax is confused with, that is sealant. It comes from a bottle of liquid, which is actually a man made synthetic wax. It is also available in paste form, and is used to protect the car after the polishing has been done. Since it is synthetic, it tends to be more durable than the regular wax, and the durability, as well as high quality finish is obtained.

There are some products which offer polishing and protecting the paintwork of your car at the same time. These products usually have low abrasives which help to reduce the paintwork defects. It also filters the imperfections which cannot be removed otherwise.

To maintain the routine paintwork of the cars, all in one products turn out to be very effective. The condition of your car should determine how frequently you should polish your car. The type of product used also plays a very important role in determining the same. In case the paintwork condition of your car is bad, then you need to use heavy abrasives to polish the surface of the car so that the results are good.

You must make sure you do not polish it before two years otherwise the finish of the car will be damaged and no matter how much you polish it, the look will not be back again. In case you think that polishing your car is needed, you can always use an all in one polish so that the purpose is met and at the same time, there is no damage to the car.