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Ceramic Sealant Pro

Ceramic Pro – The Premium Ceramic Sealant and Coating   

Ceramic Pro – Ceramic Sealant by Nano Shine are a range of advanced protective coatings for Automotive Paint, Fabric, Leather, Glass and Plastic surfaces that are applied by our exclusive network of Approved Applicators Australia Wide.

Ceramic Pro Paint Protection is a unique Nano-Ceramic Permanent Adhesion Paint Protection suited to both New and Used vehicles, it offers protection from Damaging Environmental Fall Out, Chemical Resistance, UV & Thermal Resistance, Anti-Graffiti, Increased Hardness and a Hydrophobic Effect to keep your car cleaner for longer and easier to clean!

Ceramic Pro is not a wax, sealant or a paint protection like offered by car dealerships and other paint protection companies. Ceramic Pro Paint Protection forms a permanent adhesion to the paint work giving it a superior shine that can only be removed through mechanical abrasion such as machine polishing, making it extremely durable.

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Ceramic Sealant Pro

Ceramic Pro – Ceramic Sealant has been officially tested and certified by “SGS”. SGS are the world’s largest and leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company trusted by millions.

Ceramic Sealant and Coating

Ceramic Pro Paint Protection is a High Gloss Permanent Bond Nano-Ceramic Coating that can only be applied by our network of trained Approved Applicators and is backed up by a Lifetime Warranty*, compared to factory paint work it utilises the latest ceramic nanotechnology to give your paint work superior Chemical Resistance, UV & Thermal Resistance, Anti-Graffiti and Super Hydrophobic effect.

The super hydrophobic and anti-graffiti effect of the coating means any liquid that comes in contact with the surface will simply bead up and roll off along with any dirt and grime, keeping your car cleaner for longer and easier to clean. (Read More)

Ceramic Sealant Pro


Ceramic Pro has an extensive network of Professional Approved Applicators Australia Wide, that are highly trained in the application and technical aspect of all products. VIP CarCare Newcastle is your locally Approved Applicator in your area and are ready to take your call today!

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Note: A $300 deposit is required to secure booking. If a correction is needed on your vehicle it will be charged at $66 hour.

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